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Once we show you how your financial goals relate to your savings rate, you will appreciate the value of a strong financial plan.


We show you a roadmap for achieving financial peace of mind.


As fiduciaries, we place the highest priority on impartial advice derived from extensive analysis.

Why Us

A website is informative but it pales in comparison to a conversation.

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Why Us

Our Firm

We are a registered investment advisory firm headquartered in Napa, CA. We operate virtually and are available to meet upon request.

Why Us?

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The foundation of building trust begins with communication at the initial consultation. Trust also involves making sure you fully understand your investments.

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Multiple Perspectives

We have a former Chief Investment Officer of a multi-billion dollar wealth management group, a former hedge fund manager, an entrepreneur who took a company public, a psychologist, and an experienced trader. These diverse backgrounds bring fresh thinking and "out of the box" ideas to our investment decisions.

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A majority of our clients are comfortable paying a fixed percentage of assets under management. Some clients, however, prefer a fixed annual fee or a consulting fee for special projects. Variables we consider include the time required, portfolio size, and complexity of the services we will perform.

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Milton Balbuena

Founder | C.I.O.
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Milton Balbuena

Milton Balbuena

Founder | C.I.O.

Milton has been an investment professional for 28 years and served as an Investment Committee Chair and Chief Investment Strategist of Contango Capital Advisors, the $3.5 billion wealth management arm of Zions Bancorporation. Mr. Balbuena holds an M.B.A from the Haas School of Business at UC-Berkeley. He and Dr. Hoyt founded Blue Hall Wealth Advisors in 2013 with the shared belief that investment objectives should be tailored to age and life circumstances.


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Financial Planning

We begin with an extensive evaluation of your current financial situation.

From there, we give you a short, intermediate, and long-term roadmap for your financial future. Your plan is as dynamic as you are, with revisions based on changing needs and market conditions.

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Investment Advisory

We take pride in making investments more understandable.

Explaining how our recommendations relate to your unique requirements can be challenging. There are U.S. and global investments, multiple asset classes with private and public ways to invest. Explaining what can feel like a dizzying array of choices is central to our role as your fiduciary.

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How We Start the Process

Retirement Management

Financial planning is about the known. Retirement management has contingencies for the unknown as well. 

Surprises can have significant financial implications during retirement. It can be a chronic illness with high uninsured expenses, or financial support for a child or grandchild, or even outliving the actuarial tables.

From one's early 50's, age-based portfolios make the most sense.

During pre-retirement, growth is the primary investment goal. In early retirement, there is more emphasis on downside protection. Bottom line, investment income becomes more important with age. Most retirees benefit from our extensive knowledge of income-producing investments, both public and private.

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Specialist Network

Over time, many clients will have requirements for services and products like reverse mortgages, long-term care insurance, annuities, estate attorneys, and accountants. 

Our specialists offer your exceptional value. In our search for the best people, we found substantial differences in program features, fees, and creative solutions to unique requirements.

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Our Partners

Gaining accurate insights into changing market conditions is essential to optimizing gains and mitigating losses in our portfolio. 

We work with some of the largest and most highly-regarded market research firms in the world:

Capital Economics

The bedrock of Capital Economics is an in-depth analysis of the world's major developed and emerging economies. London-based, it has long been known for making market calls early enough to gain a competitive advantage.

BlackRock Models

Voted #1 in model portfolio quality by Morningstar in 2020, is the largest asset manager globally, with robust institutional and retail business lines overseeing $7 Trillion of client assets.

Black Diamond Wealth Platform

High-quality quarterly performance reports, portfolio income reporting, and "pie-chart" asset class categorizations of your portfolio over time. At your request, we can add investment not managed to monitor changes in your net worth.

iCapital Network

Offer private equity, real estate equity and debt funds as well as corporate debt and income fund.


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While every conversation is different,  we get great feedback that folks learn something from speaking to us.   Let us give you a sense of what it’s like to collaborate with us!